I love to garden. To me, the world is at its most beautiful in winter, when the bare bones of Mother Nature stand tall; well, maybe not so much this year, due to the drought. But I love seeing the birds at the feeders. They get lost in all the foliage of spring and summer.

Today, I was astounded again. The quince. The first blossom of the New Year! Pink, plump, the bark contrasted against its pending bloom would inspire any fashion runway. And inspire a prayer of thanks for its survival again; its beauty, in spite of neglect or extreme temps. It is a magnificent, brief reminder of God’s handiwork. His colors delight!

My mother had beautiful, thriving plants in her classroom, before terrariums and cloches were in style. Over the holiday vacations and summers, I would help her tote them to the car, taking them home, so they would live. Some of the philodendrons were gigantic! It took me having my own first apartment to realize what a gift she had.

After several African violet attempts, some Dracaen, airplane plants, and my own philodendron, flourishing with the help of a grow light, my own garden took shape rather nicely.
On the coldest of days, when we lost power, I was astounded by their perseverance. It was a reminder that a higher power was in place. One that brought beauty to my world – if I only tended the roots.

The greatest thing about those house plants and their growth was how they made me feel – smart, responsible, comfortable and happy. Plus they brought life and color to my small apartment.

That, I believe, is how God wants us to feel – alive! Smart, responsible, comfortable and happy. When I tend, I grow; when I care, I accomplish; when I love, I am loved back. This small treasure of His hidden knowledge, which He shares in His time, increases our wisdom, if we just tend to our faith.

God is so good. Everyday. I am grateful for the green thumb my mother and grandmothers have given me. It is a life treasure. Climbing red and pink roses, brilliant red geraniums, purple violets, Schefflera, day lilies, perfect blossoms every time they burst forth.

In Colossians, Paul reminds us that there are not just a few treasures – “ALL the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden in Him.”

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