This prayer was written by Dianne Kennedy for the Women’s City Prayer Breakfast in Birmingham on September 29th, 2017. Dianne is a Birmingham Police Chaplain and member of Brewster Road Community Church. The prayer is for the true Church to be in our city. So many expressed their love for this prayer and requested copies that we thought we would share it with you here.

Prayer from Holy Spirit to Dianne Kennedy at 3:00am on 9/29/17. The prayer is for His Church:

Dear Heavenly Father, we Your Church, humble ourselves under Your mighty hand in the name of Jesus Christ. We lift up Your name only because You are worthy of all praise. Although there are many Church names and various denominations represented here this morning, we come as one, seeking Your blessings on our churches city-wide. Be glorified in them all.

I pray in proxy seeking not only Your blessings but Your forgiveness . Forgive us for not always being salt and light in communities where You have planted us . Forgive us that the world oftentimes cannot tell the difference in our lives and theirs. Forgive us for quarreling and dissension among ourselves. Lord let Your love abide in all of our places of worship as well as outside the walls. Take away any stony places and give us fleshly hearts that are easily pierced by Your Word. Give us hearts that love and care for each other, yet we see beyond ourselves; open our eyes and ears to see and hear the cries of a hurting world in need. Help us open our doors cheerfully as unto You.

Lord, let sermons come forth that will cut the hearts of Your people so that we are revived, refreshed, renewed, restored, and the lost are saved. We return to You, Lord, our first love. Kindle us in the fire of Your love and create a right spirit within every church, north, south, east, and west.

Forgive us for neglecting the solid truth of Your Word. We pray for no more watered down messages or entertainment for itching ears. Do not take Your Holy Spirit from us. Spirit of the Living God, fall fresh on us and give us the meditation of our hearts. Strengthen our churches to carry out Your assignment. Help us be driven by Your Spirit not by our own might. Dear God, give us the spirit where we will not strive to be packed in numbers only, but to be packed with Christian relationship people as opposed to religious people. Empower us to be churches who do not desire to be like the world and have relationship with the world, but by the power of Your Spirit, influence the world into a relationship with Jesus.

Protect and guide our churches that they will not be caught up in denomination. There’s only one church that’s the one living by Your Word and built on Your sure Foundation. Keep us from being caught up in the name of our church; we are Your people called by Your Name. Guard hearts from being caught up in locations or caught up in beautiful buildings where we worship. Lord, help us to be caught up in Your Spirit, driven by Your Word, wisdom and obedient to your mission for us. We are the Church so help us remember, we are called by Your Name and must glorify Your Name only.

We’re so grateful for all You have given us. Help us to be good stewards of our names, numbers and locations not to be showcases, but warm witnesses touching hearts of the unchurched. Provide for the congregations who are in need of Godly leadership; provide workers and finances where needed to carry out Your Great Commission.


Lord, deliver us and protect us from all manner of evil. Throughout Birmingham, Alabama bring forth the true Church in us. Let Christ be in the hearts of everyone who thinks of our churches, Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks of our Church, Christ in every eye that sees our Church, Christ in every ear that hears about our Church, Christ encounter for all who experience the Word which comes forth from the pulpit and from our own personal witnesses. In Jesus’ Name, I pray, Amen.

We hope you can join us at our next City Prayer Gathering at Vulcan on October 25th at noon. Kevin Moore, Executive Director Of Mission Birmingham, will lead us. Come join us; come as you are!








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